Philosophy & Policies

Management Philosophy

"Speed, Smile &Communication"

The environment surrounding our business has been changing rapidly and becoming more complex due to various technological innovations, diversification of customer needs, and intensification of global competition. To capture this change quickly and respond to the needs promptly, we are now working hard on improvement of internal system and technological innovation.

As a manufacturer of filters and heat exchangers, we will accelerate the contribution to society, that is to use limited resources effectively, extend product lifetime, and develop of environmental-friendly technologies and product provision. And we aim to be a company that will keep providing smiles to as many people as possible through our manufacturing based on constructive communication.


Actions for SDGs


Our management philosophy matches with SDGs “Sustainable Development Goals” and we will continue to contribute to social improvement and development.

August 31, 2021
President Yasuo Mukai

Contribution to achievement of SDGs through our business

Our products such as oil filter, heat exchanger, fine bubble generator, and oil-water separator contribute to reduction of the environmental load and save energy of our customers’ all over the world.

Action for Environment

We tackle to solve environmental problems such as global warming, marine pollution, and industrial waste.

・By developing and producing environmental-friendly products such as reusable filter element with automatic cleaning function, we contribute to reduction of industrial waste.
・Oil-water separator eliminates oil from wastewater and contributes to prevention of marine pollution.
Fine bubble generator improves cleaning process and contributes to reduction of cleaning detergent and water.


Action for Energy Saving

We tackle to produce items that uses energy effectively and improves energy consumption efficiency in industrial field.

・Many industrial machines utilizes hydraulic system. Our products, oil filters and heat exchangers, contribute to appropriate and stable operation of machines and equipment, resulting improvement of energy efficiency.
・We apply high-efficient motors on our products and contribute to energy saving.
・We work on development of energy saving products such as automatic cleaning filter, cyclone filter, and so on.

Our products are produced at factories that have acquired the quality management system ISO9001 and the environmental management system ISO14001, and all employees agree with the "SDGs" advocated by the United Nations, and we are working hard every day to improve quality and the environment.


Environmental & Quality Policy

As Japan's leading manufacturer of industrial filters, heat exchangers, and coolers, we contribute to environmental conservation by offering our customers a variety of resource- and space-saving solutions,
We will promote our business activities to provide stable products to our customers.
In addition, we will actively work to maintain and improve the environment and quality in our own business activities.

8 Quality Policies

  • We recognize that stable performance of our products will enable normal operation of customer’s machine and apparatus, and as the result, it will gain customer satisfaction in both environmental and quality sides. Therefore, we place provision of stable product as the most important activity and at the same time, we promote our environmental conservation activities considering for saving resources and energies.
  • We utilize an integrated management system continuously improve its effectivity as well as to let all our employees to participate recycle activity in order to prevent environmental contamination.
  • We comply legal requirements applied and related to our environmental policy and other required items.
  • We set purpose and goal based on our environmental and quality policy, and we review them continuously. Goal setting is being managed and operated by following key items:
    1) Resource Saving
    2) Energy Saving
    3) Oil Outflow Prevention
    4) Claim Reduction
    5) Elimination of wasteful activity
  • We document our environmental and quality policy representing to our purpose, goal, and activity plan. This makes ensure of our activity and management.
  • We distribute our environmental and quality policy to each department and share with all employees by carrying out trainings.
  • We release our environmental and quality policy on our WEB site as well as distributing a copy if requested.
  • We review our environmental and quality policy by the management review in order to keep suitability described above.