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Corporate outline

Company name

Taisei Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Established May 20, 1957
Executive Officers
President Yasuo Mukai
Executive members
Director and Chairman Akio Mukai
Executive Managing Director and the General Manager of the Design Department Takashi Iino
Director and the General Manager of the Sales Department Norio Ooki
Capital 45 million yen
Number of Employees
Head Office
6F, Imaimitsubishi Bldg.
3-53-11 Minamiotsuka
Toshima-ku Tokyo ZIP:170-8428
TEL. +81-3-6912-9922 FAX. +81-3-6912-5921
E-mail isales@taiseikogyo.co.jp
Utsunomiya factory
984-21, Minami-Owagu, Nasu-Karasuyama-shi, Tochigi-ken ZIP:321-0533
TEL.0287-88-7211 FAX.0287-88-6006
Kita-Ibaragi factory
644-50, Takaratsubo, Nakago-cho Hitana, Kita-Ibaragi-shi, Ibaragi-ken ZIP:319-1556
TEL.0293-43-0004 FAX.0293-43-0429
Main Lines of Business The manufacturer of the oil filters and heat exchangers for industrial machines and related industries.


Associated company

Company name Taisei Inc.
Head office 5F, Imaidaigo Bldg.
3-52-10 Minamiotsuka
Toshima-ku Tokyo ZIP:170-0005
Company name Taisei Fluid Control Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
Head office Block 8, Row 1, District 3, Xin Qiao Industrial Zone, Sha Jing Town, Bao An District, Shenzhen City, GuangDong Province


Association Member

Japan Fluid Power Association
Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development


Our History

1957(S.32) Established the Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd. in Kanda-Matsunaga, Chiyoda, Tokyo. Launched the filter production and sales with 1 million yen of capital.
1960(S.35) Moved the head office to Tokiwadai, Tokyo. Launched the design and production of the filter and oil cooler for the compressor mainly for the IHI.
1961(S.36) Moved the head office to Wakagi, Itabashi, Tokyo. Established new office building and expanded production equipment. Launched development of the new product. Implemented a capital increase for new production equipment to 2 million yen of capital.
1970(S.45) Purchased land in Minami-Nasu, Tochigi, for filter and oil cooler production plant establishment.
1971(S.46) Completed the Utsunomiya Plant with the cutting-edge machines provided, which resulted in establishing the hydraulic oil filter and oil cooler full-scale production system. Implemented a capital increase for prior investment to 12 million yen of capital.
1979(S.54) Established the distribution center in Nishidai, Itabashi, Tokyo. Implemented a capital increase to 45 million yen of capital.
1988(S.63) Started Introducing of computer assist sales management system (Fujitsu FACOM) and completed in 1991.
1991(H. 3) Established the Kita-Ibaragi Plant with the cutting-edge robots provided for filter auto production line in Kita-Ibaragi, Ibaragi. Completed the total production line in cooperation with the Utsunomiya Plant.
1993(H. 5) Added the New Product Development Plant to the Kita-Ibaragi Plant. The founder Umino Mukai appointed as Chairman and Akio Mukai appointed as president.
1997(H. 9) Established the cooler fin tube production Division in the Utsunomiya Plant for expansion of production. Started introduction of new computer assist sales management system.
1998(H.10) Obtained ISO-9001 certificate (head office and the Utsunomiya Plant). Launched development of a new sales management system FINEST.
2000(H.12) Established a homepage on the Web (www.taiseikogyo.co.jp).
2001(H.13) Obtained ISO-9001 certificate (Kita-Ibaragi Plant).
2004(H.16) A subsidiary was established in China to manufacture our standard products. Obtained ISO-14001 certificate (head office and the Plant).
2005(H.17) The president Akio Mukai appointed as Chairman and Yasuo Mukai appointed as president.
2006 (H.18) Distribution Center was established in Tsukuba, Ibaragi to strengthen logistics, and the R&D Center was built, reinforcing the Research and Development Division.
2007 (H.19) The founder Umio Mukai left the post of representative director and adviser to be appointed as adviser.


Client Companies (users)

Fuji Group
Hitachi Group
IHI Group
Japan Railways Group
JFE Group
KHI Group
KYB Group
Mitsubishi Group
Mitsui Group
Sumitomo Group
Yanmar Group