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Maintenance guide

Element replacement procedures

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Element replacement procedures Model
Upward extraction UL type、UM type、UH type、UR type *1、LCN type *1、TL type *1、TR type *1、TRF type *1、TSF type *1、TRF type *1、VN type *1、VM type *1
Downward extraction 351 type、352 type、3501 type、3502 type、SC type、SH type、TM type

Manifold type 4201 type、GC type、GF type、GM type、MVF type *1

Horizontal extraction ISH type、STU type

Center rod type LN type、LND type、AK type *1、CFK type *1

Duplex filter BCS type *1、BCV type、BDV type、BOS type *1、COS type *1

Cartridge type 107 type、CF type、CS type、FP−400Z type


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Element cleaning procedures

●Cleaning procedures for wire mesh and notch wire filter elements Make sure to clean dirty elements with a light crude (light oil, kerosene, etc.) using the following procedure.

*Only elements for wire mesh and notch wire filters can be cleaned. Paper filter types must be changed. They are not to be cleaned.

For 40 mesh-40μm elements

Immerse the element in light oil and swish around thoroughly.


Clean off dirt by scrubbing the element with a brush parallel to the pleats.


Clean off dirt with an air spray gun.


Rinse well.


Dry using an air spray gun.


For elements finer than 40μm

For wire mesh elements finer than 25μm, clean most of the dirt off the surface using the above cleaning procedure, then be sure to put the element through ultrasonic cleaning. Place the elements on the oscillator side vertically, one by one. The cleaning time is not necessarily decided by the ultrasonic cleaner capacity or how dirty the element is, so be sure to clean each element one after the other for at least 1 hour. Our company handles requests for ultrasonic cleaning.