Suction strainer


This strainer is positioned at the suction entrance of the reservoir tank to protect the hydraulic pump.


  • With the extension rod, strainer changes are easy regardless of the amount of oil remaining in the tank.
  • Compact, yet protects a sizeable filtration area using folded wire mesh pleats as filtering media.
  • Stainless steel wire mesh allows the filtering material to be cleaned and reused.
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Standard specifications Possible corresponding specifications / options, etc.
Corresponding fluid Mineral oil -
Maximum working pressure -0.1-0MPa -
Indicator - -
Relief valve (Bypass) - -
Connection 25A-80A -
Magnet - -


  • Model number

Model example:SFR-08-150K


Code Inner diameter
08 1B
10 1 1/4B
12 1 1/2B
16 2B
20 2 1/2B
24 3B
Code filtration
SUS Mesh
60W 60Mesh
100W 100Mesh
150W 150Mesh
200W 200Mesh