Oil cooler


Floating tube sheet tube design allows for tube nest cleaning and replacement. Ideal for when there is a lot of dirt on the shell side (oil side).


  • Self-manufactured 12.7/28 Low Fin Tubes realized larger cooling surfaces compared to other equivalent heat exchangers.
  • Choose the most suitable model for a specification by cooling area and the number of baffle plates (select according to the oil flow rate)
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Standard specifications Possible corresponding specifications / options, etc.
Type Floating tube sheet tube -
Maximum working pressure 1.0MPa -
Corresponding fluid Shell type Mineral oil Water glycol oilAphosphate ester oil
  Tube type Freshwater Sea water
Cooling tube Specifications 12.7 low- finned -
  Material quality C1220T C6872T(sea water), C7060T and other various tube materials available ( The cooling area will differ for SUS304)
Cooling area 6`77m2 -
Tie-in Shell type Rc threaded type Able to choose flanged type
  Tube type Rc threaded type -


  • Model number

Model exampleFF-FTCB-8-1509P


Code Fluid type
- Mineral oil
G Water glycol oil
F Phosphate ester oil
W G specification{F specification
Code Model
FTC Freshwater
FTCB Sea water
Code Cooling area(m2)
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
Model Shell dia Number of plate baffles
1503 150A 3
2005 200A 5
2507 250A 7
3009 300A 9
Code Tie-in shape
P Tube side: threaded Shell side: threaded
F Tube side: threaded Shell side: flanged