Oil cooler


Floating tube sheet tube design allows for tube nest cleaning and replacement. Ideal for when there is a lot of dirt on the shell side (oil side).


  • Self-manufactured ƒÓ12.7/28 Low Fin Tubes realized larger cooling surfaces compared to other equivalent heat exchangers.
  • Choose from 3 model types for all sizes for large and small oil flow rates
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Standard specifications Possible corresponding specifications / options, etc.
Type Floating tube sheet tube -
Maximum working pressure 1.0MPa -
Corresponding fluid Shell type Mineral oil Water glycol oilAphosphate ester oil
  Tube type Freshwater -
Cooling tube Specifications ƒÓ9 low- finned -
  Material quality C1220T -
Cooling area 9`33m2  
Tie-in Shell type Rc threaded type Able to choose flanged type
  Tube type Rc threaded type Able to choose flanged type


  • Model number

Model exampleFG-FPD-518-1


Code Fluid type
- Mineral oil
G Water glycol oil
F Phosphate ester oil
W G specification{F specification
(1) Shell dia (2) Cooling area(m2)
5 200A 18 9
22 11
26 13
31 15.5
35 17.5
40 20
44 22
49 24.5
54 27
6 250A 34 17
44 22
52 26
58 29
66 33
Code Tie-in shape
B Tube side: threaded Shell side: flanged
C Tube side: flanged Shell side: flanged
Oil quantity classification
*1 Flow rate classification is basically as follows.
  ¥large oil rate is model with small number
  ¥small oil rate is model with large number
  EFor FPD-6XX, only connection C type is available