Air-cooled oil cooler


An air-cooled oil cooler that is ideal for environments where cooling water cannot be used.


  • Midium sized air-cooled oil cooler
  • "With case" fully covers radiator and fan motor.
  • Both vertical and holizontal installation is selectable.
  • PDF Drawing
  • CAD Drawing
  • Catalogue
  • Instruction manual


Standard specifications Possible corresponding specifications / options, etc.
Maximum working pressure 1.0MPa -
Corresponding fluid Mineral oil -
Radiator material Aluminum -
Rated voltage 3-Phase 200V-220V~50/60Hz Modifications to 3-Phase 400V-440V(415V)~60Hz(50Hz) possible
Nominal output(Motor) 200`400W -
Permissible pressure change width 0.3MPa -
Fan guard Choose from equipped/non-equipped(*Case attachment is non-equipped only)  
Case Choose from equipped/non-equipped  


  • Model number

Model exampleFATF-5061-HS1-G


(1) Cooling area(m2) (2) Pass
506 9.8 1 1
606 13.9 1 1
Code Attachment
H1 Horizontal with case
HS1 Horizontal without case
V1 Vertical with case
VS1 Vertical without case
Code Fan guard
- n/a
G Attached

*Selectable for HS1 and VS1